Monday, 24 March 2014

A Dishonest Guide on How to Enjoy Rome

I'll be blatant in this introduction, Rome is my favourite city in the world.
It's not just because of the museums, beautiful views or interesting spots. It'd be easy to like a city just because it's filled with things to see, the trains were on time, the roads were clean and the girls were pretty.
I love Rome because walking through its streets, looking at the details around, wasting time or getting lost, it's one exciting adventure. Dealing with Rome is like reading a book: it's a city built on "pages" and every page has a story to tell, a legend to entertain you with, some truths and some lies to leave you in awe-- But that's you who has to do the reading, you can't wait for someone who would read you the book in your place.
Rome demands your full attention. She's a self-centered, fiery woman. Not so easy and way too bold, but a beauty to conquer indeed. You have to show some skills here (or at least some goodwill), you see.
I noticed that many people, expecially its residents, tend to not understand the full extent of the enjoyment of a visit in Rome. Everyone likes to complain about pickpockers, how slow and chaotic the public transportation is, or how dirty this or that public toilets are.
My opinion is, if you don't want to deal with dirt, sweat and bother, you don't really care about to see it. You just care about "filling some form" of sort in your touristic life, saying "Yeah, I checked out that Colliseum!" to brag with your neighbour without understanding a bit about it... And it'd be better for you to just stay home.
That's why this is a "dishonest" guide. I'm not planning on how to tell you how to go to visit some obvious places in Rome that every guide in the world could tell you about without really being here.
Rome is a caustic, noisy, absurd city, and this is the kind of blog that you'll get.
In an authentic Roman style, I'll try to tell you how to enjoy the city, where to focus your tired and bored eyes, poking at you to show you something cool.
On those pages, I'll try to pay attention to the less obvious details, the less obvious beautiful parts of the city, places that you can visit easily but that are not so "big" with other tourists-- but I'll also offer you a view on the exhibitions or guided tours here that you may enjoy or find interesting, or some special events that I'll happen to stumble on. Get yourself a pair of comfy shoes and let's go. I promise you that you'll have something nice to tell to your neighbour anyway.

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