Monday, 5 January 2015

The Nativity Scene of Saint Peter's

Yesterday I managed to happen in Saint Peter's square during the Angelus of Pope Francis I-- How touching!!

Anyway, I was there to take pictures of the Nativity Scene.
Every year the Christmas Tree and the Nativity Scene are donated from two different Italian cities as a present to the Pope and the Vatican State.
This year the tree comes from the city of Catanzaro, located in the region of Calabria, in Southern Italy, while the Nativity Scene was presented from the city of Verona, located in the region of Veneto, in Northern Italy.

The Nativity Scene was created through the collaboration of the Venetian diocese and the Fondazione Arena di Verona.
The statues are real life-sized and made of painted terracotta by Venetian artisans. The setting is simply adorable! I enjoyed myself looking at all the various details!

If you squeeze, on the picture above you can spot the famous window of the Pope's study from where he shows... It's partially covered by the lamppost--!

--Unsatisfying, uh? Ok, here's a pitiful zoom XD Enjoy!

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