Monday, 6 April 2015

A visit to the Pirandello House Museum

At the beginning of the year I presented myself an adventurous trip to Sicily, where I had the chance to visit the house of one of my most revered authors, Luigi Pirandello.
As I got to know that the Roman residence where he compiled a good number of his masterpieces and met a lonely death in 1936 was open to the public I rushed there for a visit.
The building is currently occupied by the Studio Luigi Pirandello, the center of studies dedicated to the Sicilian author and the modern theatre.

The access to the house museum is free, but the place is open to the public only during certain hours in the morning.

The little villa is located in the refined Nomentano quartiere. The area was destined to the upper middle class, and it was densely developed in an elegant residential area starting 1911, styled after the precepts of Art Noveau.
Pirandello moved right here in Rome in 1933, after his tours around France and Germany.
He occupied the upper level of the villino with his apartment, constituted of the studio/living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Once you enter, you'd be greeted by one of the scholars of the Studio, available for a free guided tour.

The first room that you'd be introduced is, of course, the study of the author.
The furnitures and look of the area is the original of the time.
Looking around for details and stuff is extremely fun!
The furnitures were realized in walnut and ordered by correspondence.
On the walls you could see paintings of Luigi himself and his sons and family pictures.

The most interesting spot is definitely his desks!
There were two of them, apparently without a specific use for each-- The one closer to the window features some interesting bits!

Here are two pieces that caught my attention: a silver box, a present from D'Annunzio, and a little bust of Ibsen:

Next I visited the bedroom, where Pirandello died in 1936.
I wasn't allowed to take pictures there, but you can see a good number of the objects preserved there on the Facebook account of the Studio.

An area of the apartment, probably occupied by a little kitchen originally, is destined to the study of Pirandello's works.
The books and essays preserved in the museum can be checked and studied previous request.
I noticed the huge caricature and asked about the exhibition.
It was dedicated to the caricatures of Pirandello and his friends, and some of them can be viewed on the website.

It was an interesting visit: the silence of the quartiere itself and the serene mood of the garden reminded me of a comment of Corrado Alvaro in the preface of a collection of Pirandello's novels... It became a reality when I presented myself a little stop at the park of the close-by Villa Paganini:

"È strano che questo fruscìo faccia parte dei miei ricordi su quello studio, e questo sfogliare sia trasferito in un parco anziché fra le carte del letterato..."

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