Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rome from Above: Pictures from the "Fungo"

Today, profitting of a lucky summer promotion, I had the chance to have lunch at one of the most famous (and expensive!) restaurants of Rome, Quattordicesimo Piano, located at the top of the "Fungo" ("Mushroom") of EUR district.
The Fungo is actually a water tower that served the irrigation of the various parks of the district, apparently still functioning.
It was planned and designed by architect Martineli and engineers Colosimo and Varisco in the 50s; the building was completed around 1959.
On 1961 the tenore Mario del Monaco decided to transform it in a panoramic restaurant, turning it into a real icon.
Recently restored, it still serves the visitors with superb delicacies!

But, the most important part of this peculiar building in this peculiar district, is the breathtaking view that you get on the city and the quarter.
Many people feels smart to dismiss EUR as a "symbol of oppression and racism of the fascist regime", but looking at it from above, with its modern architectural impressions, the contrast between the inscrutable white marble and the luxurious vegetation, it feels like a dreamlike vision.

Rome couldn't really sport a real "skyline" like the most metropolis do, but well, it has this.

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