Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dinner at STREEAT - European Food Truck Festival

Yesterday evening I made sure to not miss the closing event in Rome of the Italian edition of STREEAT, a culinary event dedicated to the excellence applied to street food!
Following some wise advice from friends, I decided to go there in the early evening for a snack, so to avoid the huge lines and crowd of the dinner hours... Well, in the end the snack turned into a dinner and I got back home only because I was tragically out of money!
The event was located in the popular quartiere of Testaccio, hosted by the CAE-- Definitely a bit too "indie" for my tastes, but definitely a perfect place for such an event, filled with youth, local colour and good energy! The trucks were placed all around the area, and in the center were the tables and the DJ set (?) for an adequate background music... The food was delicious and the people lovely!

Here are a few shots of the trucks that caught my attention... I-I wanted to eat everything...

As for my picks for the day, I went with pane e panelle from LaPanella, something that I wanted to try during my trip to Sicily but I couldn't, and my soft spot, the BBQ Burger from BBQ Valdichiana featuring Chianina hamburger and Cinta Senese bacon...

Among the other things I was longing for the spiedini at Moto Grill Guzzi, the sandwhich with octopus of Apulia , the gnocco fritto of the Mr.Max, without mentioning all the fried delicacies and all that delicious beer... Long story short, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT EDITION!

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