Sunday, 11 October 2015

Flea Market at the Japanese School of Rome

This morning profitting of a rare day of nice weather I visited the tiny but colourful flea market of the Japanese School of Rome.
This event, organized by teachers, students and parents is held every second Sunday of the month from 1100 to 1500.

The place was extremely crowded! I wasn't expecting so many people--

Anyway, a little "bazaar" filled with curious and second-hand items is hosted inside the school, and one can find some really interesting bits!

Besides the tiny market, there are also some special areas dedicated to the spreading of Japanese culture.
The laboratory of calligraphy and the "shiatsu point" grabbed my interest!

But the selling point of the event, I'll be honest, is the food!
Like a true matsuri lots of stands selling the most different products are lined around the school precints. From sushi to dorayaki, ice cream to yakitori and tonkatsu, there was everything to fit the tastes of everyone! --A pity that I visited right before lunch time!
A stand with a huge line was making delicious yakisoba on the spot! How fun!

After the food stands, in the outside area dedicated to gym there were some sport exhibition of Italian associations dedicated to Japanese disciplines.
I was lucky, and after kendo was the time of Japanese archery, one of my favourite things to see!

All in all, a fun walk and interesting experience.
I didn't find what I was looking for (some cute haori to sport with the colder season) but I came back home with some cute bookmarks, some promotional material and a starving stomach!

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