Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Trevi Fountain-- All cleaned up!

I can share only now these pictures of the Trevi Fountain, recently restored by the support of Fendi--
Started on 1732 on a design of Nicola Salvo and completed on 1762 by the sculptures of Pietro Bracci, the famous fountain is an allegory of the Sea and the power of Water, and one of the last symbols of the Papal government in Rome.

The fountain is the mostra, the monumental terminal point, of the aqueduct of Aqua Virgo.
The bas-reliefs that you can spot on the sides of the main arc depict the legend of the discovery of the spring and they feature the Emperor Agrippa dealing with the thirsty soldiers on the left and the virgin "Trivia" showing them the spring of water on the right.
The two horses (a metaphor of the waves) rapresent the rough and calm sea respectively.

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