Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Visit to the Museum to help Italy: Palazzo Altemps

Last Sunday the earning of the Statal Museums were donated to the victims of the Earthquake in Central Italy of August 24.

Monday, 8 August 2016

A visit to Galleria Spada

Profitting of the free access to a good number of museums in Rome on the first Sunday of the month, yesterday I took the chance to pay a visit to the Galleria Spada, one of the many hidden treasures of Rome.

Saving Memory: the Passetto del Biscione

Placed in one of the most typical areas of Rome, the Passetto del Biscione, a tiny underground passage that connects the area of Sant'Andrea della Valle to Campo dè Fiori, that back in the days was a passageway that connected the Theatre of Pompey to the outside.

Chillin' at the garden of Palazzo Venezia

Yesterday, after a visit profitting of the first Sunday of the month, I decided to take a break in the newly opened garden of Palazzo Venezia, back in the days reduced to a private parking lot and since this summer free to access for locals and visitors to enjoy the cool of the city.
The event "Il Giardino Ritrovato, that during summer hosts a series of "art talks", concerts and performances, is part of this requalification.