Monday, 8 August 2016

Chillin' at the garden of Palazzo Venezia

Yesterday, after a visit profitting of the first Sunday of the month, I decided to take a break in the newly opened garden of Palazzo Venezia, back in the days reduced to a private parking lot and since this summer free to access for locals and visitors to enjoy the cool of the city.
The event "Il Giardino Ritrovato, that during summer hosts a series of "art talks", concerts and performances, is part of this requalification.

The location is simply amusing, and it's definitely worth a stop, expecially after a frantic walk around the city!

The fountains that decorates the center of the garden depicts "The Marriage of Venice and the Sea":

Here, the personification of Venice is throwing a ring into the sea, a symbolism still vivid into Venetian culture.
The piece is the job of Carlo Monaldi, a commission during the times where the palace hosted the Embassy of the Republic of Venice in Rome.
It was later restored by Giovanni Prini, who added the other statues around the main piece on 1930.

--And since you're there, make sure to check the museum out! It's definitely worth a visit!

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